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                         CARDIFF AND NEWPORT CAT FLAP FITTER

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                 CAT FLAPS FITTED    

Welcome to our Cat Flap Fitting service. Our cat flaps are fitted by our installers who are experts in fitting cat flaps.


We have been fitting cat flaps for many years and can advise you on what is be best for you.


I have over 33 years in the glass and glazing industry, and now specialise in the installation of cat flaps and misted dg unit repairs.


Covering the Southwest of England – Bristol, Bath, South Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Swindon, Bridgwater and Taunton areas. 

(trading as KEW Glass and Glazing)

We fit Cat flaps into the following doors:


• UPVC Door Panels

• Glass Doors

• Wooden Doors

• Aluminium and Metal Skinned


• Composite Doors

• Porches

• Conservatories

• Windows

• Double/Single Glazed Units

• Sliding Patio Doors

• French Doors

• Cat Flaps into Double Glazing

• Cat Flaps into Single Glazing

• Cat Flaps into Wooden Doors

• Cat Flaps into UPVC



Choosing the Right Cat Flap.


There are many different types of cat flaps available to choose from. We offer free quotations and advice so you are sure to find the right cat flap for your cat.


Here are the main types of cat flap that we fit.



SureFlap Cat Flaps...

Staywell Cat Flaps...

Cat Mate Cat Flaps...

Pet-Tek Cat Flaps...


Manual 4 Way Locking Cat


• Magnetic Collar Key Cat Flap

• Microchip Cat Flap


Thinking of having a Cat Flap Fitted?

 By choosing Kew Glass and Glazing Bristol, you are guaranteed to find that we are expert's in fitting

 cat and dog flaps. These pet doors can be installed in your home into almost any door or window...

 Please see below for the type of doors.


 When it comes to you having a cat / dog flap fitted into your window or door we can give you the advice that  

 you are looking for.


 We offer a glazing service fitting cat and dog flaps into double glazing (DG Units) And UPVC Panels, All DG Units 

 come with a five-year guarantee.


For you to be able to have a pet door (i.e.... cat / dog flap) installed into your double-glazed doors or windows, it is necessary

to order a new doubled glazed unit (DG Unit) which is made-to-measure for your window / door requirements, with all holes

pre-cut prior to having it installed. Your existing double glazing cannot be cut into, and especially if the unit is already toughened  

glass. Laminated safety glass is unsuitable for any cat and dog flap installation.


 We leave your existing dg unit with you should you require it to be replaced in the future, which means you only need to pay for  

 fitting and not a whole new dg unit.


Our processor cut the holes before toughening and sealing the dg units. If your dg units have decorative lead designs and

Georgian bars, it will follow the same process. In this case, there will be a hole at the bottom of the unit where your cat / dog flap

will fit into. The typical time at the processor is 5 to 7 days.


With regards to UPVC panels most other companies won’t cut into your existing doors if it has ridges, fancy designs or

reinforced with steel. But we can offer this service and cut a hole directly into your door whether it is a flat panel, has ridges,

a fancy design or reinforced with steel. (we can offer you the best advice with regards to any questions you may have).

We can also provide you with a new UPVC panel (depending on your type of door) with a hole cut into it.


We can also cut into wooden doors. When cutting into your existing door (whether it is wood, upvc or metal skinned) we can do  

this in one visit and normally take about 30 mins.


For all single glazed windows and doors, we recommend that you install a new pane of toughened glass with a hole pre-cut out  

instead. Has you are having a hole cut into the glass and your pet will be moving though it often, it will be best to have the safety

glass installed. All single glazed doors must be made from safety so a new pre-toughened panel with the hole already included. The typical work time is 5 to 7 days.

By choosing Kew Glass and Glazing Bristol, you can be confident that we have experience required                          

                                                                         to complete each job.